Wildcat Willy’s is a craft farm-to-bottle distillery, where we distill seasonal grains, tubers and fruits. These spirits are available “right off the still,” or are aged in local tobacco barns, then bottled for sale. Our farm-to-table restaurant is one of a kind with Mt. Folly Farm, the home farm for Wildcat Willy’s, pasture raising beef and chicken, growing and milling corn for grits dishes and spoonbread, and seasonally growing vegetables for the items on the menu. We are housed in one of the oldest buildings in Winchester that we recently revitalized and brought back to life!

Wildcat Willy’s is a gathering place for all. It’s where friends meet, have dinner, talk and listen to new musical talent. We are excited to have a venue that allows us to host live music, indoors or outside, summer sun or winter chill. And we are glad to be able to support those gathering at home instead with curbside pickup. Thanks to all who have joined us in these first two years. We look forward to sharing more time together in 2022.  

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