We can legally ship alcohol in the following 11 states: KY, AK, AZ, D.C., HI, NB, NV, NH, ND, RI and CT.

At Wildcat Willy’s, we’ve got a national first: a farm to bottle distillery, a farm to table restaurant, both supporting a farm which practices regenerative agriculture, sequestering carbon pollution to improve the environment while building a local, circular economy. 

Wilcat Willy’s Distillery uses Spirits360 to bring our handcrafted whiskeys directly to your home! Spirits360 offers us the key components we need to remain compliant while selling our whiskey online and shipping directly to consumers.

1833 stands for finishing what you start. It’s the year our building, which houses Wildcat Willy’s Distillery, was built. The brick structure has been a wool carding factory, a church, an electric company, and a storage building. After it was condemned and falling to ruins, we saved it and turned it into a place where friends gather, have a meal and a drink, and watch us make whiskey. It’s a revival for our building and for our Kentucky small town. So let 1833 small batch Kentucky whiskey revive you, too.

The sweet potato is a handy plant and sort of a miracle. You can bake it, boil it, fry it, and distill it! We grow the sweet potatoes organically at Mt. Folly Farm and dig them up in the fall. It’s a bountiful harvest and creates this soft moonshine with a subtle hint of sweetness. Like Willy, a combat-wounded Green Beret, our sweet potatoes are tough. They prefer tropical weather, but we grew them in the dog days of summer here on our Kentucky farm. With the odds against us, we harvested 3 to 5 pound roots from the Earth. These sweet potatoes remind us that even when things aren’t perfect, we can thrive wherever we’re planted!

We live for liberty here in Kentucky and Liberty Lightning is our drink. Distilled from organic corn, grown on Mt. Folly Farm, our moonshine is made the old-fashioned way. This is a true craft corn liquor. While the exact mash bill is secret, come visit us in-season to see how we farm organically and grow the ingredients for Wildcat Willy’s Distillery. Willy, a combat-wounded Green Beret, is tough when he needs to be. He cherishes his freedom, loves kittens and feeding the birds, and goes to church on Sundays. Don’t forget Willy’s promise: “Liberty Lightning, it’ll ring your bell!”


We can legally ship alcohol in the following 11 states: KY, AK, AZ, D.C., HI, NB, NV, NH, ND, RI and CT.

The Journey To Wildcat Willy’s Distillery

ESTD. 2016

Wildcat Willy's Distillery

Wildcat Willy’s Distillery, Farm to Bottle Whiskey, Farm to table Restaurant and Bar.

The building which houses Wildcat Willy’s is an architectural puzzle. When viewed from the west side, it is a factory, and from the east side, it is a church. Once inside, you’ll see several reflections of the building’s history, plus our new additions, and a poster detailing what can be gleaned from public records. 

In 1833, the building was “the old Williams Factory,” in the business of carding wool from local sheep herds. We named our first single-barrel bourbon “1833” to commemorate beginnings. Then, in 1870, the CME Church of Winchester acquired the property and installed church windows, chandeliers, and other fittings. It was a worship space for 56 years. The building, consisting of a church and parsonage, was then sold to Ernest Jordan in 1926 and became the Jordan Battery and Electric Company until the 1980’s. During this time an addition was made creating the back room where our stills are now located. Several decades ago, the property was purchased by the City and used for storage by Parks and Recreation.

By 2015 the building was in structural disrepair, condemned, and on the docket for demolition. Wildcat Willy’s to the rescue! ​We founded the distillery in 2016, closed on the property in early 2017, and went to work. Almost three years later, we opened Wildcat Willy’s Distillery, Bar, and Farm-to-table restaurant, giving the Old Williams Factory its fifth life.

We can legally ship alcohol in the following 11 states: KY, AK, AZ, D.C., HI, NB, NV, NH, ND, RI and CT.